Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaborha Maquette

Maquette for the Kaborha which will show up in the Bersker Tier 3 card I am going to be working on. It's nice having a tiny hand like Simona's there to hold the head, it's not nearly as intrusive as my own meat-beater.

So I'll post the sketch for this when I feel it fits the thumbnails I've done for the card. I will certainly post a few of the sketches I've done directly from the maquette. Of course, the hard work of taking the thumbnail to a working full-size image takes place. I HATE that part. Making a thumbnail work as a full-size image is painful and at times tedious. Things are most interesting when I'm working off the cuff, or the actual thumbnails themselves. It's so intuitive and satisfying. I could easily reside in the realm of individuals who just create their work by riffing on a subject, but I find that my best work isn't done that way.

Go figure.

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