Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So over the last few days a number of interesting things of happened.

Most importantly my good friends Jamie and Daria saw the arrival of their second son Tai Decker. Congrats guys. I'd post pictures but that would be creepy since I'm not into enabling pedophiles and infantophiles (if you are offended by that then please kill yourself) besides Tai is a cute larva and your eyes are unworthy.

I will however post some sketches from the project I'm working on.  I have the lovely opportunity to do an homage to the EC comics of old and that's good, since (thanks to my uncle) I pretty much ate, drank, and breathed that crap for a bit of my childhood.

We are going with the top sketch, which is cool since there is a cover from Chamber of Chills that I was thinking of when I was working these out.

I'll have a few more to post for ha-has, and I'll make sure to put up WIPs as I go a long.

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