Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thanks Mike.

 So I've been practicing and practicing, watching tutorials, and doing provocative squats.  Nothing that you'd want to see, just free handed (no straight edges or french curves)  curved lines, straight lines, spheres, cubes, etc.  All of the building block stuff that you have to do to improve your hand eye coordination.  Stuff that I generally ignore and now I feel like I have to pack it in.

Thanks to an acquaintance I've made with Mike Dubisch, via the short period of time I spent conversing with Cody Goodfellow and John Skipp back at the Killer Con I'd gone to a few years ago, I now have some new areas to practice.  See Mike has been posting some super cool stream of conscience style sketchbook comics on his Facebook page, and I saw them and said to myself, "HEY I LIKE DOING THAT TOO!!!"

So I did.

I'll do more too. It also lets me practice everything I need to be practicing i.e.  composition, lighting, rendering, perspective, etc. etc.  Are they great?  I dunno.  They are practice though, so "great" isn't really the point.  Are they fun?  HELL YES!!!

So here is an example.  I'll post more over the next few days.

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